Delivery Policy


At, we’re proud of our customer service, proud to being a retail innovator. Proud of the fact that everyone, from our retail partners, our internal staff to our specialist Delivery Team – aims for excellence in everything they do. These are the things that have earned us our reputation for exceptional service.

We understand that the joy of a new purchase should continue throughout the process; from the thrill of discovery to welcoming it safely into your home. So when you see our Delivery Team arriving you know you can expect more than just quality brands. They’ll be delivering professionalism, care, and consideration – the excellent service that

Delivery Times

To help you plan your day, please note that Delivery Department categorises Morning Deliveries as up to 1pm. Afternoon Deliveries as 1pm to 5pm and evening deliveries 5pm up to 9pm..

Unfortunately delayed deliveries are beyond our control. We cannot offer any financial compensation.

It is your responsibility to make sure that large bulky items you select will fit into your home and that access is sufficient for us to deliver. Just to be clear… we won’t shimmy up any drain pipes, remove windows, doorframes, or hire any specialist equipment or labour to gain access for the delivery. Such things will need to be organised by you. However, we will be extremely helpful in ensuring your new purchase is safely delivered.